Welcome Beauties

A huge inspiration for what we are today is the immense need for body-positivity and high self-esteem among young girls and women of all ages. I started this company in honor of my late father and the powerful African traditions he instilled in my being. My Father was my best friend and made me feel like the most gorgeous woman on Earth. He passed culture along to me, and I now reverence him in my service to YOU, my customers, that I affectionately refer to as “Beauties.”
Beauties and the Beads, LLC is an authentic supplier of custom jewelry and metaphysical products. Specializing in our kaleidoscopic waist beads, it is our goal to adorn the bodies of women with empowerment, and self-confidence. Inspired by the Yoruba people of Nigeria, beadwork is an excellent connection to healing, balance, and divine womanhood.
Combating society’s “stereotypical” standard of womanliness, Beauties and the Beads uplifts women from all nationalities, cultures, shapes, and sizes, to be the best version of themselves. After tying yourself, or purchasing one of our handmade items, you will be fulfilled by the instant personal experience of self-love that is guaranteed.
Beauties and the Beads, LLC  offers 12 colors and in an array of shades to match your personality, life, and goals, protecting you from harmful energies, aiding in your weight loss journey, and being a symbol of “control,” independence, and femininity. Shop Now and join the experience!


Waist beads offer another alternative for grounding as you embark on a spiritual healing. The natural gemstones and colors help to balance and promote healing. Waist beads offer another way to unblock unwanted energy from your chakras, clearing the way for positive celestial vibrations-becoming one with the universe. Manage your waistline, or add waist beads to your lingerie collection. Waist beads can be used to celebrate new life by expectant mothers. Realign your energy in the area you need balanced while making a fashion statement.


Chakra cleansing is an ancient ritual of restoring symmetrical energy within our chakras. A well balanced chakra system is necessary for our overall well being. One of the most calming times this can be achieved is during bath time. Indulge in a spiritual cleansing while relaxing in the tub with these indivilized chakra soaps. Each soap represents one of the seven chakras and is intended to use for clearing and grounding. Purchase on a needed basis as single soaps or a package that includes all seven.


Your spiritual journey to enlightenment is sacred. As you continue your healing path, clearing negative energy is vital for your continued growth- it is part of the purification process. While energy clearing has been known to be an ancient ritual, it is still practiced today as a ceremonial cleansing ritual among those who seek spiritual enlightenment, growth, and guidance on their path of awakening. White Sage and Palo Santo Sticks will help keep your energy grounded and bring blessings and prosperity your way.


Your path to enlightenment is your sacred journey towards achieving balance and inner peace.  All seven chakras has a specific role in maintaining universal balance. If any one of these chakras is  out of balance our bodies experience ailments, sickness, and aches and pains. Where the energy once flowed freely, blockage has occurred affecting these healing power centers in our bodies.  Clearing your chakras is vital to the wellbeing of your physical, mental. emotional, and spiritual health. Our chakra candles will bring you peace and harmony.


For centuries crystals has provided healing, inner peace, blessings, and prosperity. There is much power in gemstones as their life energy aids in restoring  health and wellness-making us whole. The enchantment of these colorful earth’s crystals have been harnessed  throughout history for thousands of years. Gemstones were used during rituals as far back as the Aztecs and the Mayans. Your spiritual journey should include our enchanting crystals for energy clearing, abundance, intuitive balance, and other intentions you are seeking. We offer 22 individual crystals.



Custom Orders are always available. We want you to release the Goddess in you. It is preferred for you only because you ask for your specific colors, crystals and/or charms and we get to work creating an amazing waistbead for you. It is your moment to express yourself and to begin your intention/journey. Please click below to fill out your form. Looking forward to creating magic for you!!