Waistbeads carry the powers of balance, mindfulness and energy. Not only do they add curve appeal to your waist inciting a burning sense of femininity but each strand varying in colors and crystals carry the powers of intention. Fueling and balancing our charkas. The positioning of the strands around our belly serve as an ancient weight scale. As we lose weight the strands fall and as we gain weight they rise. This even occurs as we eat. Keeping us mindful and disciplined.

Use a measuring tape and measure against your bare skin. Put tape around your waist, right exactly where you would like your beads to lay. Relax your stomach, dont suck it in.

No they are not. Each and every strand is made to your measurements so please be exact.

Yes, While measuring your waist is very accurate so that the waistbeads can fall exactly where you want them to. Therefore, you can pick your pant/jean size. Please see chart for sizing.

Typically your waistbeads should lay right under your navel but you can have it above your navel or in the middle. It is all up to you!

No two beads are the same. It is completely different from the next persons own. It is totally yours. It is Unique to You.

Depending on which style is chosen, you have the option to choose from elastic string with lobster clasp and elastic string without the lobster clasp to where you can tie but does not come off unless you cut it, smooth cotton that does not stretch at all and has to be tied as well and lastly the wire thread with lobster clasp which is great to measure your weight loss.

We also use Czech glass beads, Japanese Miyuki beads, African beads, silver and gold plated charms and pure crystal stones for balancing and grounding.

You can shower, workout, sleep. You can do anything with your waistbeads on.

Everything on the website is final sale only. Waistbeads can be exchanged within 5 days of receiving it. If your waistbeads, for any reason, breaks within 30 days of purchase, you may send it back with all of its beads to get fixed.

Waistbead process can take up 1 – 3 weeks before it ships.

These items are drilled individually and cut into smaller pieces to fit in the dome. Therefore, It can take up to 2 weeks before you receive your items.

The traditional way of having waistbeads is to use the “Tie On String” It does not come off unless you cut it. But we do understand that some Beauties prefer taking off their waistbeads for different reasons, so we have provided other options for them.